Ghigliottin-AI@EVALITA2020 Evaluating Artificial Playersfor the Language Game ``La Ghigliottina''


Evaluating Artificial Players for the Language Game “La Ghigliot- tina” (Ghigliottin-AI) task is one of the tasks organized in the context of the 2020 EVALITA edition, a periodic evaluation campaign of Natural Language Process- ing (NLP) and speech tools for the Ital- ian language. Ghigliottin-AI participants are asked to build an artificial player able to solve “La Ghigliottina”, namely the fi- nal game of an Italian TV show called “L’Eredita`”.Thegameinvolvesasingle player who is given a set of five words unrelated to each other, but related with a sixth word that represents the solution to the game. Fourteen teams registered to Ghigliottin-AI. Nevertheless, only two teams submitted their run. In order to eval- uate the submitted systems, we rely on an API base methodology, via a Remote Evaluation Server (RES). In this report we describe the Ghigliottin-AI task, the data, the evaluation and we discuss results.

Proceedings of Seventh Evaluation Campaign of Natural Language Processing and Speech Tools for Italian. Final Workshop (EVALITA 2020)